Monday, January 27, 2014

Inimitable, And Also Possibly Mad*

Joyce, James - Ulysses - Soliloquies of Molly and Leopold Bloom read by Siohan McKenna and E.G. Marshall

In 1998, the Modern Library ranked Ulysses first on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century.

Just sit back and let it flow over you.

James Joyce - Ulysses (Caedmon TC 1063 -1965)


*Anthony Burgess

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Break Out Your Bathtub Gin

This is the more uncommon stereo version of this album (as are all stereo Bravo/Grand Prix label discs).

Happy Harry and his Two Beat Six - Music From The Roaring Twenties (Grand Prix K-114)
(reissue of earlier Bravo KS-114)

01: Give My Regards to Broadway
02: Ballin' the Jack
03: Goody Goody
04: Bedelia
05: I've Got Rings on My Fingers

01: Ma He's Making Eyes at Me
02: The Sheik of Araby
03: East Side, West Side
04:The Bowery
05: Dixie

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mountaineers, Drinkers, Skillet Lickers, Ramblers, and Their Families

This is some classic, hardcore old-timey music. We've got mountaineers, drinkers, skillet lickers, ramblers, and a bushel-full of families. Comes with voluminous educational liner notes, as well.

I really dig "Carve That Possum", which is weird because I'm a really picky eater.

A1     Shortbuckle Roark & Family – I Truly Understand, You Love Another Man     2:45
A2     Ben Jarrell Accompanied By Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters – Old Joe Clark     2:41
A3     Shelor Family, The – Billy Grimes, The Rover     2:43
A4     Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers – George Washington     3:32
A5     Bela Lam And His Greene County Singers –Little Maud     2:44
A6     Carter Brothers And Son, The – Cotton-Eyed Joe     2:38
A7     Ernest V. Stoneman And His Dixie Mountaineers – Going Down The Valley     2:32
A8     Perry County Music Makers, The – By The Cottage Door     2:35
A9     Uncle Dave Macon And His Fruit Jar Drinkers – Carve That Possum     2:54
B1     Gid Tanner And His Skillet Lickers – Molly Put The Kettle On     3:13
B2     Charlie Poole And The North Carolina Ramblers – Milwaukee Blues     3:11
B3     Ashley And Abernathy – Corrina, Corrina     3:00
B4     Callahan Brothers, The – Katie Dear (Silver Dagger)     2:56
B5     Allen Brothers, The – A New Salty Dog     2:34
B6     Fort Worth Doughboys, The  – Nancy Jane     3:10
B7     Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers – Sweet Rose Of Heaven     3:11
B8     Coon Creek Girls, The – Banjo Pickin' Girl     2:48
B9     Wade Mainer, Zeke Morris And Steve Ledford – Little Maggie     2:17

Friday, January 17, 2014

In The Beginning Was The Wah

Here's the debut performance from a band that existed from 1991-1993.
It's a little rough in spots, as the band fully coalesced about a month before this gig.
AFAIK this is the only show that Rick Tipton (keys/guitar) played with the band. (he's also not in the photo - David King is - but David's not in the video. Clear?) (Neither in the picture or the video is guitarist Scott Carpenter, who played several shows and did some recording with the band in 92/93.)
This recording marks the only appearance of the "Sgt Pepper" opener and the "Girlfriend Calling" cover.

The Thirteenth Generation - Flamingos - July 13 1991

Sgt Pepper/Head Games
Edge Of The World
(Don't) Wake Me
Calypso Calling
Dan's Blues
In The Summer
Girlfriend Calling

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mercury Rising

 Mercury shows off their big band, classical and jazz recordings with this extensive two-disc sampler (though some of it is just MOR pop). Give them credit - Mercury had some of the best-sounding recordings of the era.

  1. Mama Inez (2:58)--XAVIER CUGAT
  2. It's Been a Long Long Time (2:24)--BROOK BENTON
  3. The Petite Waltz (2:11)--DAVID CARROLL
  4. (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window (2:58)--PATTI PAGE
  5. Autumn Leaves (2:38)--JAN AUGUST
  6. I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me (2:40)--DINAH WASHINGTON
  7. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (2:30)--RICHARD HAYMAN
  8. Marcheta (2:45)--THE CLEBANOFF STRINGS
  9. Misty (2:59)--SARAH VAUGHAN
  10. Theme from "The Apartment" (3:09)--JOSE MELIS
  11. On the Street Where You Live (2:41)--BILLY ECKSTINE
  12. I Have But One Heart (O' Marenariello) (2:53)--DICK CONTINO
  13. Moaning (3:02)--QUINCY JONES
  14. My Prayer (2:45)--THE PLATTERS
  15. You Can't Be True Dear (2:37)--EDDIE LAYTON
  16. Tender Years (2:18)--GEORGE JONES
  17. I Get a Funny Feeling (1:58)--GRIFF WILLIAMS
  18. I'll Save the Last Dance for You (2:13)--DAMITA JO
  19. Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl) (2:30)--ED REED + THE RIVERBOAT FIVE
  20. Fever (3:14)--CLYDE McPHATTER
  21. Giselle (Excerpt) (0:55)--LONDON SYMPHONY, Fistoulari
  22. Lucia Di Lammermoor (3:46)--ORCHESTRA OF LA SCALA, MILAN, conducted by Nino Sanzogno
  23. Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor (Tchaikovsky) (6:34)--LONDON SYMPHONY, Menges + BYRON JANIS piano
  24. Chorale No. 3 in A Minor (Franck) (1:40)--MARCEL DUPRE, organist
  25. Suite from Lulu (2:46)--LONDON SYMPHONY, conducted by Antal Dorati + HELGA PILACZYK, soprano
  26. Manhattan Beach (2:02)--EASTMAN WIND ENSEMBLE, conducted by Frederick Fennell
  27. Little Blue Devil (3:12)--MINNEAPOLIS SYMPHONY, conducted by Antal Dorati
  28. Symphony In D Minor (Franck) (1:52)--DETROIT SYMPHONY, conducted by Paul Paray
  29. The Young Princess and Jason (3:03)--EASTMAN-ROCHESTER ORCHESTRA, conducted by Howard Hanson
  30. Ballet Music From Rosamunde (2:09)--MINNEAPOLIS SYMPHONY, conducted by Stanislaw Skrowaczewski

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's About Timey-Wimey for a New Post

The main draw here for me, of course, is the early Dr Who theme (with a side helping of Monty Python).

This has come out on CD with many fewer tracks.

Best of BBC Themes 1982

A1 Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy
A2 Pride And Prejudice
A3 War And Peace
A4 We, The Accused
A5 The Forsythe Saga
A6 Who Pays The Ferryman
A7 All Creatures Great And Small
B1 Monty Python's Flying Circus
B2 Doctor Who
B3 The Duchess Of Duke Street
B4 And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging
B5 Lord Peter Wimsey
B6 Fawlty Towers
C1 MacKenzie - Love Theme From MacKenzie
C2 Penmarric
C3 Quiller
C4 The Pallisers
C5 Myra's Theme
D1 Love Theme From Aphrodite Inheritance
D2 Aphrodite's Theme
D3 Oh Happy Band Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
D4 Elizabeth R
D5 Six Wives Of Henry VIII