Friday, April 02, 2010

Shaking the Trees

The Mountain Youth Singers was a late 1970's youth choir from Maryville, TN that I was associated with (I joined too late to be involved in this recording). This post is really just Google bait to see who from the list below has an alert set for their own name. :)

Former members, please leave a comment!

The album "art" is one of the stock covers available from the RPC custom record-pressing plant in Camden, NJ. Mine still has the shrink wrap on it, so the picture is a bit wavy.

Mountain Youth Singers - "Singing Their Favorites"


Missy Reed
Cathy Headrick
Amy Jones
Denna Tipton
Kim Nuchols
Jimmy Webb
Tracy Butler
Maria Polster
Lisa Martin
Martha Viall
Ena Shuler
Betty Woodruff
Vickie Adams
Teresa Robinson

Terry Headrick
Debbie Riddle
Debbie Sands
Jerry Headrick
Tony Nelms
Jimmy Riddle
Cindy Hmielewski
Susan Sterling
Carolyn Enos
Greg Rodriguez
Chris White
Greg Pack
Annette Burnette

Gilbert Rodriguez
Terry Byrd
Jim Rodriguez
Billy Adams
Steve Sterling
Heath Johnson

Randall Keith "Randy" Bassett


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