Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Anatomic Bomb

Though I'm sometimes called a socialist (mostly by those who have no idea what the term means) I must really be a capitalist, because I really dig (daddy-o) cash-in/knock-off records, and today's selection is one of many twist craze cash-ins. From 1962, it's a group of anonymous studio cats adapting old standards to that new beat that's so hep with the kids. Speaking of beat, the drummer plays the exact same snare drum cadence through the first four songs, deigning to hit the cymbals finally on the fifth cut. I've listened to the album a dozen times and I rarely notice the transition between songs, they sound so much alike.

Most of the tracks were arranged by well-known session guitarist Billy Mure, who probably provides the hot licks on a couple of tracks. There's a nice article about him over at spaceagepop.

The back of the sleeve notes are a bit of a hoot, as well.
The whole shebang gets in and out in about twenty minutes.

Twist With The Lions

Sugar Blues Twist
The Darktown Strutters Ball
Rye Twist
Ballin' The Jack
My Bonnie Twist
Banana Twist
Lazy River
Summertime Twist (In The Good Old Summertime)
Flying Twister (Man On The Flying Trapeze)
Happy New Year Twist (Auld Lang Syne)


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