Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anyone Who Goes To A Psychiatrist Should Have His Head Examined

As the liner notes say, “Dr. Murray Banks is a ‘one man monopoly’ on the blending of good psychology and mental health with hilarious entertainment.”

Ten Sound Principles of Mental Hygiene:
01. Are you happy?
02. Do you have zest for living?
03. Are you socially adjusted?
04. Do you have unity/balance?
05. Can you live with each problem as it arises?
06. Do You have insight into your own conduct?
07. Do you have a confidential relationship with some other person?
08. Do you have a sense of the ridiculous?
09. Are you engaged in satisfying work?
10. Do you know how to worry effectively?

DR. MURRAY BANKS was one of the most sought after speakers in America in the 1950s/60s. Dr. Banks was a clinical psychologist, and was formerly a full professor of psychology at Long Island University and at Pace College, NYC, where he headed the psychology department for over five years.

Despite this recording being 60+ years old, much of the advice given herein is still applicable. I was surprised.

How To Live With Yourself or What To Do Until The Psychiatrist Comes by Doctor Murray Banks (1952)


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