Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Polka in the Eye With a Sharp Stick

OK, let's just start with the name: Stanley Polaski and His Orchestra. Polaski? For a polka record? Really? Surely that's a nome de recording for some faceless studio musicians. (OTOH, there is a record of a Stanley Polaski of about the right age who lived in Pittsburgh, and given the title of the first song, I suppose anything is possible). Stanley doesn't even get credit on the front or back covers, just on the disc label, so I doubt that he was a well (or even semi)-known bandleader of the era.

Regardless, this is fine music for your next beer tasting - just don't serve any of that American mass-produced horse urine.

Stanley Polaski and His Orchestra - Beer and Pretzel Polkas

A1 Pennsylvania Polka 2:10
A2 Gretchen Polka 2:15
A3 May Wine Polka 2:00
A4 Black Forest Polka 2:30
A5 Rhinelander Polka 2:45
A6 Zwei Hertzen Polka 3:25
B1 Margaret Polka 2:05
B2 Pretty Anna Polka 2:40
B3 Fritzel's Polka 2:40
B4 Beer & Pretzel Polka 2:35
B5 Happy Life Polka 2:45
B6 Essen Polka 2:10


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