Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Don't Provoke The Drummer

In my book, there is no better record label than Command. The consistency of product and sound hits me right in one of my sweet spots. This album is no exception. It comes complete with Enoch Light and his crew of studio staples, including guitarist Tony Mottola, the usual gate-fold packaging, Bauhaus cover art, ping-ponging bongos, and extensive liner notes discussing recording techniques and specific notes for each song.

Enoch Light and the Light Brigade - Provocative Percussion Volume 2

A1 Hernando's Hideaway                           (J. Ross, R. Adler)                                                  3:05    
A2 Speak To Me Of Love - Cha Cha         (B. Sievier, J. Lenoir)                                             2:50    
A3 Matilda                                                 (N. Span)                                                                 2:41
A4 Good Night Sweetheart - Cha Cha       (J. Campbell, R. Noble, R. Connolly, R. Vallee)    2:41    
A5 What Is This Thing Called Love          (C. Porter)                                                               2:42    
A6 Lady Is A Tramp                                  (R. Rodgers - L. Hart)                                             3:24    
B1 Speak Low                                            (K. Weill, O. Nash)                                                 2:51    
B2 I've Got The Right To Sing The Blues (H. Arlen, T. Koehler)                                             2:54    
B3 Mack The Knife                                    (K. Weill, M. Blitzstein)                                         3:20    
B4 Temptation                                             (A. Freed, Nacio Herb Brown)                              2:42    
B5 The Natives Are Restless Tonight         (E. Light, L. Davies)                                              2:43    
B6 Foggy Day Cha Cha                              (Geo. & Ira Gershwin)                                           2:56    


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