Saturday, June 28, 2008


It's midnight on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, so that means it's time for UNRADIO.

This show comes from (as best I can estimate) 1981, and the source is another fine quality Kmart cassette (see below).

Part one features announcer/programmer Ashley Capps live, and part two features Paul Parris via a taped contribution.

UNRADIO 1981 - Ashley Capps

UNRADIO 1981 - Paul Parris


Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Low Spark of Higher Ed Boys

Sometime in the late 80's -a low point in the history of WUTK-FM.
Bite my ass John Carr.
And what the hell is that color scheme? Green, red and yellow?

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Unradio Art

Continuing in the Unradio theme, here are two bits of ephereralia that I held on to for lo all these years.

The first is a promotional flyer that appeared on telephone poles around town in the mid-80's.

The second is a postcard (both sides combined here into one image) from the late 80's attempt to save the show from cancellation by WUOT-FM.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, at the start of this reboot I promised some UNRADIO from WUOT-FM, so here are two 45-minute segments hosted by Ashley Capps (later of AC Entertainment, Bonnaroo, etc.). This program is from 1983, and was recorded off of the air onto the highest-quality Kmart cassette that you see below.




Monday, June 16, 2008

Raven Records Part Uno

Raven Records (Jay Nations and his band of merry miscreants) was instrumental in supporting the Knoxville music scene/musicians, firstly by providing regular employment for a rotating cadre of probably otherwise only semi-employable local musicians, secondly by advertising in local music/entertainment rags, and thirdly by providing sponsorships for programming on WUTK.

Here are two donor spots from around 1986-87.
The first features Jay's gimmick of handing out the lyrics to Louie Louie to patrons:

Louie Louie Lyrics

The second features a guest appearance by The Clash's drummer Topper Headon (Jay, how did you arrange that one?):

Topper Headon

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Music For a Different Society

According to my scrawl on the spine of the box containing the 7" reel-to-reel tape upon whose magnetic particles this recording was archived, Music For a Different Society aired on WUTK (90.3 FM) from 10Pm until 2 Am on Sunday nights. As this later became the New Airwaves time slot, and some of the announcers sound familiar, I'm supposing that this was the precursor to New Airwaves, and that perhaps the name got changed when the show went in a more "new wave" direction (If you were involved in this show or New Airwaves, or just otherwise have relevant details, please feel free to add info in the comments).

Edit: It appears that Charlie Lytle was the main host of this program.

Music For a Different Society Part 01
Music For a Different Society Part 02

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Unradio Station IDs

Unradio ran on WUOT-FM for the better part of a decade, bringing all sorts of out-of-the-mainstream music to east Tennessee and parts of Georgia (being simulcast on WUTC-FM in Chattanooga, as well). Here are five station IDs I made one bored overnight while running the board for the show (only one hour per week was actually live by the time that I came aboard - the other 6 hours were prerecorded by the other hosts on 10" reels).

In this first ID, I'm using the distinct "Unradio voice style"

This ID features the guitar stylings of Scott Carpenter, from an album of covers we did over Christmas break in 1985:

I'm not sure if I actually brought my Korg drum machine to the studio with me that night, or if this was an audio track that I had already prepared. It quite possibly could have been just something that I had on a cassette in my car:

This is definitely a pre-existing track - It's a "song"* titled "Scream Beat" that features Phillip Wolff (of Sea 7 States) on guitar and me on everything else. It was recorded after a band practice one night:

This also is definitely a pre-existing track - It's a "song"* titled "Free Scream" that features Phillip Wolff (of Sea 7 States) on guitar and me on everything else. It was recorded after a band practice one night. This one also features the distinct "Unradio voice style', almost to the point of parody:

Imagine that bursting out of your radio at 4 AM right after some ambient Eno has mellowed you out.

*otherwise known as a random improvisation with overdubs


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Reboot - Unhinged

OK, this field has lain fallow long enough. Time to plant some...well, ok, the simile is starting to fail.

Anyway, I've discovered a cache of reel-to-reel and cassette tapes from my time spent in Knoxville and also in Knoxville radio, specifically at WUOT and WUTK.

First up is side one of a cheap unbranded cassette. I must have reused the cassette a couple of times, as it has several different show names on it, none of them correct. I just today added the correct show title (Unhinged) after listening to the tape and hearing the host (Cy Anders? Paul Parris?) identify the program. This particular program aired sometime in the neighborhood of 1982 (perhaps an informed listener/show participant can provide more accurate data). This predates my involvement with Unradio at WUOT.

WUOT Unhinged 1982