Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shindiggin' Through The Vaults

Ah, Pickwick Records, the sign of quality [I didn't say HIGH quality, just a particular level of quality].

Here's a cheap compilation from 1962 - so cheap that the rear sleeve has no information about the actual release, but simply spotlights other albums in the "Design Spotlight Series". Some of these tracks are OK, and most are old/off-brand (or in Jan and Dean's case, live) recordings by current stars. The Four Seasons track, for example, was originally released s a b-side by Frankie Valle & The Romans in 1959.

The Four Seasons - This Is Real
Floyd Cramer - Snow Deer
Ronnie Dove - No Greater Love
Jan and Dean - Something A Little Bit Different
Don Convay - Pony Time
Jerry Lee Lewis - Bonnie B
Irma Thomas - Set Me Free
Chuck Jackson - Come On & Love Me
Solomon Burke - Friendship Ring
Jimmy Clanton - Just A Dream


Saturday, March 24, 2012

freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.

"Famous passages selected by the editors of Life."

Narrated by Norman P. Bass, this 10" disc gives a nice overview of the war years speeches of Churchill. Given the 10" format, I assume that it was released between 1948 and the mid-50's. (it came into my possession without a sleeve, so no help there).

Of course, it contains Churchill's greatest hits: "Their finest hour", "Blood, tears, toil, and sweat" and "Never in the field of human conflict" but there are others just as stirring.

The War Speeches of Winston Churchill

Friday, March 23, 2012

Let Me Go On


Photos courtesy of Daniel "Date and Time" Harris, band documentarian.

Spring of 1993 brought outdoor festival weather to Blount County, and specifically to Maryville College in the form of the inaugural Blister In The Sun [as far as I can ascertain, it is still occurring annually]. I'm not certain, but I suspect that this gig came about because Michelle was then currently a student at MC.

This show features the second 5-piece version of the band, with R. Scott Carpenter along for the ride on guitar. This version played just a handful of shows, but all were my musical highlights.

Towards the end of the video there is a quick shot of my Mom and Dad, making what I believe is their only appearance ever at one of my gigs. Mama is rocking the fancy Hepburn-esque hat.

The Thirteenth Generation - Blister In The Sun April 19 1993

The Thirteenth Generation:
Michelle "Two L's" Harris
Dan "Wah" King
R. Scott Carpenter
Greg "Flat" Morton
Kevin "Thud" Crothers

Dan "Date and Time" Harris, who was (and remains) responsible for the, er, "cinematography."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Neil Young And Swear An Oath Of Fealty!

Here's a nice promo from 1979 in which Neil promotes Rust Never Sleeps.
For at least half of it Neil and the host munch and crunch their way though lunch on-mic.

A Conversation with Neil Young

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

For Once a True Title

Well, this is a refreshing change - a 60's compilation that isn't sound-alikes and knock offs, but that is actually a very good (though short) compilation disc! (Not that, historically, I haven't demonstrated a perverse fondness for sound-alikes and knock-offs...).

Produced by Columbia Special Products (also makers of many a tire company Christmas record) in 1967.

Columbia - Our Best To You

Side 1:
1. The Buckinghams – I’ll Be Back.
2. The Byrds – All I Really Want To Do.
3. The Cryan’ Shames – Sugar And Spice.
4. Aretha Franklin – Sweet Bitter Love.
5. Moby Grape – 8:05.
Side 2:
1. Paul Revere And The Raiders – Louie, Louie.
2. Peaches And Herb – Everybody Loves A Lover.
3. Simon And Garfunkel – The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy).
4. The Tremeloes – Good Day Sunshine.
5. The Yardbirds – For Your Love.

Monday, March 05, 2012

RIP Davy

The Monkees (and The Partridge Family) were MTV for my generation (and I mean that in the best way). I own everything they put out, including the fairly bad comeback albums and the CDs of studio chatter and false starts.

RIP Davy Jones.

There are very few young bands of mainly 20-somethings that I'd trust to do a proper Monkees tribute. Here is one: Charleston's The Explorers Club pay tribute at their album release show Friday March 3 2012 at The Pour House in West Ashley.

The Explorers Club - Daydream Believer


Sunday, March 04, 2012

From their desktop to my mailbox, then to your desktop

The 1990's in retrospect appear to be the heyday of the independent press (i.e., things that actually did "go to press"). The ease and availability of the new desktop publishing made it possible for anyone to electronically paste-up a magazine and send it out into the world. During this time I found myself gainfully-employed full time (after a decade of various collegiate journeys, degrees, and general rock and roll lifestyles) and with spare cash, so I ended up subscribing to quite a number of independent music (and related culture) magazines. Most of these lasted less than a decade; although bOING bOING transitioned to the web, most of the others shown here have left only the faintest trails on the intertubes. A special shout-out goes to Fiz, which became Fizz - they were kind enough to print various nonsense that I sent them from time to time about one of my bands (Major Nelson).

If you were involved in one of these magazines, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

Fiz, Fizz, You Could Do Worse, Pop Smear, Probe, Lollipop, Tail Spins, Ben Is Dead, Black Sheep, Pop Watch, bOING bOING, Sticks and Stones, Screams From The Gutter