Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anyone Who Goes To A Psychiatrist Should Have His Head Examined

As the liner notes say, “Dr. Murray Banks is a ‘one man monopoly’ on the blending of good psychology and mental health with hilarious entertainment.”

Ten Sound Principles of Mental Hygiene:
01. Are you happy?
02. Do you have zest for living?
03. Are you socially adjusted?
04. Do you have unity/balance?
05. Can you live with each problem as it arises?
06. Do You have insight into your own conduct?
07. Do you have a confidential relationship with some other person?
08. Do you have a sense of the ridiculous?
09. Are you engaged in satisfying work?
10. Do you know how to worry effectively?

DR. MURRAY BANKS was one of the most sought after speakers in America in the 1950s/60s. Dr. Banks was a clinical psychologist, and was formerly a full professor of psychology at Long Island University and at Pace College, NYC, where he headed the psychology department for over five years.

Despite this recording being 60+ years old, much of the advice given herein is still applicable. I was surprised.

How To Live With Yourself or What To Do Until The Psychiatrist Comes by Doctor Murray Banks (1952)

Monday, July 15, 2013


The EmArcy label is one of the most famous subsidiary labels of Mercury. As similar as precedents EmArcy 16000 Series (10-inch 78rpm / 7-inch single) and EmArcy 26000 Series (10-inch LP), this 36000 Series mainly focused on Modern Jazz, and many historical recordings were taped. Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Sarah Vaughan, Paul Quinichette, Terry Gibbs, Dinah Washington, Herb Geller, and many more legendary musicians left fine recordings on this EmArcy label. At the same time, EmArcy released a number of archival recordings originally from National/Keynote labels (which Mercury bought), French Blue Star/Barclay labels (which Mercury had the contract to release the recordings in the US), and old Mercury Jazz sessions which were recorded before the EmArcy label was born. 

The EmArcy's famous logo, with a “drummer” illustration by Arthur Talmadge, is printed on each label and every cover jacket, which declares this subsidiary label is concentrated on Jazz. Some of them are re-issued in the Mercury 20000 series. Stereo issues (as seen in the last few discs) and 2nd issues of monaural edition seem to be released with Mercury/EmArcy labels on the discs, while the disc number was not unchanged. 

The name EmArcy came from Mercury Record Corporation (Em-Ar-Cy).

Featuring Clifford Brown & Max Roach, Sarah Vaughan, Erroll Garner, Clark Terry, Dinah Washington, Julian Adderley, Irving Fazola's Dixielanders, Bud Freeman's All Stars, Joe Turner & Pete Johnson, Billy Taylor & Johnny Hodges, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Ventura & Kai Winding & the Lennie Tristano Trio

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Enoch Light My Fire

Enoch Light is a fascinating fellow, and the founder of one of my favorite record labels - Command - known for its focus on high-fidelity recording techniques, excellent cover art, and somewhat-extravagant LP packaging. Grand Award was another of his labels, albeit more of a budget line.

Light issued a series of "Roaring 20's" LPs in the late 50's, but they experienced a resurgence in popularity in the late 60's and early 70's. This particular version is from 1974, after Grand Award was acquired by ABC - thus, it's billed as an ABC Westminster/Grand Award release. It also had a previous release as GASD-229 (and there are versions with the exact same title with completely different track lists and artwork).

Enoch Light and Charleston City All Stars - Roaring 20's Volume 3 - ABC Westminster/Grand Award WGAS-68005

Yes Sir, That's My Baby
I'm Sitting on Top of the World
That Certain Party
Somebody Stole My Gal
Five Foot Two
I'm Just Wild About Harry

Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)
If You Knew Susie
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Hot Lips
Button Up Your Overcoat
Charlie My Boy


Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hip Hip HooClay!

Here's one of those custom recordings of a school ensemble - in this case the (de rigueur for the Bicentennial) partially-patriotic performances of the Clay Jr. High School Bands and Choirs. Other than the front cover (see above) and the track listings on the disc labels there is absolutely no other information provided on this disc, so I have no precise idea which of the several Clay Jr High Schools across America produced this recording, but one of the directors is still active in Indiana, so I presume it's that one. Regardless, it's pretty well done for the age range. Performing groups include the Concert Choir, the Treble Choir, the 7th Grade Choir, the Spirit of 76ers, the Sounds of Clay, the Mixed Ensemble, the Symphonic Band, the Cadet Band, the Stage Band, and the Concert Band. Personnel credits include: Robert Theil - Principal, and Ruth Hartman, Carol Cobbs, and Joseph Zaharako - Directors.

Sounds From Clay 1976

Tune In
Salute To America
How Come?
Go Tell It
Blue Moon
Silent The Forests
Voices in Festival

Proud Heritage
Catch Me First
Land of the Brave
American COmposer